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FAQ: My cards print too far to the left

We have chosen to use the Windows print drivers for all the RIGHT ON PROGRAMS that prints catalog cards and labels. This way the Windows format is the same for everyone, no matter the printer they are using.

Since the margins are a function of either Windows or your printer, these are the places to look, and to make appropriate changes, if your cards are printing too far to the left causing the call number to print on the perforation.

The RIGHT ON PROGRAMS software is neither the cause of the problem, nor is it the place to try to make printing setup changes. With more than 12,327 of these programs currently in use, our choice of the Windows printer drivers has proven to be best for everyone.

1. On your desktop, choose MY COMPUTER
2. Choose PRINTERS
3. Highlight the name of your printer...then, double click
5. Choose PAPER
7. Choose LEFT MARGIN and change from the current number (often 250) to 500
8. Click on OK...then on APPLY...then on OK
9. Close Printer Boxes

When the above steps have been completed, print a test card. If the left margin is now OK and the card is printed in the proper place, all is well and you are ready for more card printing. If the printer still needs adjusting, return to the steps above and adjust the number (of the UNPRINTABLE AREA of the LEFT MARGIN) either up or down until the cards print in the proper place.

Should you still encounter the “too far to the left printing” situation, contact the manufacturer of your printer or Microsoft for Windows.